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Viagra opened the Pandora’s Box

About less than two decades, an obscure pill called the Viagra was launched in the market and it claimed that men who consumed this will be stronger, better and longer at it than before taking the pill. After that there was a revolution in this product line. So much that every ear there are scores of companies who keep coming out with suggestive names and raunchy advertisements. There is not a single hour on prime time television which is free from ads that promise better and stronger penises and the “best time of your life”!

Over the years, people have been emboldened

With the success of Viagra and scores of copy cats, there is a dubious industry that has been spawned. It is so easy for a company to catch hold of a recipe, procure some herbs and roots, grind them and bottle them and sell them

We are here if you have been conned

We are a group of lawyers who want to make a representative petition asking that certain stipulations be brought about in the industry. The companies must be able to prove that the claims that they make are indeed trustworthy. There are millions of customers

at notoriously high rates. What makes the case serious is that federal law does not obligate them to prove their claims beyond reasonable doubt and therefore these companies are happier making taller and taller claims and laughing their way to the banks. Apparently what these products have claimed to increase was their bank balance!

who are buying their products and are not sure if they will find any solution t their woes. If you are one of them and you can produce evidence of long usage of such pills and products and ready to testify in a court of law, we would be delighted to hear from you. Reach us on the numbers and e mail that are printed right here at the end of the page.

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