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Why men worry and fret over their size?

Is it all anxiety?

They say “anxiety is contagious” and rightly so. Anxiety is thought to move in the air as freely as a virus and it can be real deadly!Anxiety about personal life, about family, about jobs, loan repayment and health is something that can take a toll on health

ultimately.You will get so sick and worried about worrying too much that the worst that you fear can seem to become a reality after all. Doctors believe that worrying about things that you perceive to be or to happen cannot only be dangerous to your physical health but also to your mental health.

Worries that men have about their organ

When worrying about things goes from things outside to the things within it can become all the more lethal. Humans in general and men in particular are always worried about their male genitals.

The general perception is that the performance of the penis is related to the size and the girth of it. Seemingly, there won’t be a single man on this earth who will be happy with his penile size and who does not want to make it bigger and better! So a lot of men resort to using male enhancement pills found on websites like this one here that help them with erectile dysfunction.

What is the normal size?

To understand what exactly is the size of the genitals, men should have a realistic understanding of the sizes of the member. The average penis should be anything between 3 and 5 inches in length when in flaccid position and anywhere between 5 and 7 inches when erect.A small penis which is medically referred to as micropenis is when the penis is only 3 inches when it is erect and much lesser when in a flaccid state.

And here end all the problems

Men can get highly obsessed with the size of their genitals and slowly this unhappiness can be replaced with anxiety and can take them to extreme levels in seeking remedies for problems which may only be in their minds.

The Small Penis Syndrome

Urologists world over will confirm one thing and that is 99 percent of men do not have smaller penises like the way they think they do. In fact, a large percentage of humanity (read Men) only have the average size of penises but the exaggerated size of the penis that they think is normal sets them to believe that they have smaller ones.

Sexual anxiety and lower self image are related

When 367 military n were surveyed to find out if they suffered from any kind of mental anxiety in relation to the size of their organ, it was observed that men who suffered low self esteem were actually the ones who were anxious about their penile size and consequently had a terrible repercussion in their sexual life as well.The same survey concluded that men who were satisfied with their genital size enjoyed a very fruitful sex life and they also held a very high esteem about their own self.

It is a vicious cycle

Anxiety about the penile strength and the size leads to anxiety in men and more the anxiety the more the male is not able to perform well in the bed. So, you see it’s a vicious cycle of thoughts that needs to be broken from.

What men in doubt must do?

It has been noticed that men have a much exaggerated view about what size constitutes a normal penis. When males watch movies and pornography videos they see well built models with humongous machine like penises and start believing that their penis is too small. But they fail to understand that all that they see may not necessarily be true or even if it be true not all men can have such huge penises.

When in doubt, the best thing for men to do is to talk to his partner about it. Mostly, the women do not have any problems with the size of the penis as long as their men can last long enough to give them an orgasm. Most of them will also say that a bigger and a thicker penis are more frightening to them as it may hurt the walls of their genitals. It turns out at all times that women are not so particular about the size as long as the man who wields it does so with machismo and confidence to sweep her off her feet!

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